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Trump says VP shortlist Doug Burgum’s signing of near-total abortion ban is ‘an issue’

Former President Donald Trump seemed to indicate that Gov. Doug Burgum's consistently pro-life record was a problem for his vice-presidential aspirations.

Asked on Wednesday about Burgum's potential to serve as his running mate, Trump told Fox News Radio that the North Dakota governor's strong pro-life policies were a problem.

'It’s a little bit of an issue,' Trump said. 'It’s a pretty strong ban.'

He continued, 'You know, I think Doug is great. But it is a strong — he’s taken a very strong stance. Or the state has, I don’t know if it’s Doug, but the state has, so it’s an issue.'

North Dakota instituted one of the strongest pro-life policies in the country following the overturn of Roe v. Wade, outlawing all abortions that do not provide serious health risks to the mother.

Additionally, abortion in cases of rape or incest are accepted up until six weeks.

As governor, Burgum signed the pro-life measures into law following its acceptance by the state legislature.

Another contender on Trump's shortlist is Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Trump mentioned Rubio in the interview, alluding to the fact that sharing the Sunshine State as their home 'makes it more complicated' to select him.

Either Trump or Marco would have to change their home state demarcation before the election. 

A Constitutional statute dictates that state electors cannot vote for both a president and vice-president from their own state, meaning Floridian electors would not be able to vote for a ticket with both Rubio and Trump living in Florida.

'There are people that don’t have that complication,' Trump said. 'Now, it’s fairly easily fixed, but you have to do something with delegates, or there has to be a resignation, you know, et cetera, et cetera.'

Trump has said he intends to announce his selection for vice-president at the Republican National Convention next week or possibly just before the event begins.

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